Our Story

The story of Meredith Family Agency is one of reinvention that started with two dedicated and loving people who eventually became three…

Lisa, a professional chef and instructor for over 15 years, and Dave, a professional bodyworker and holistic personal trainer for over 20 years, had finally reached their financial goals enough to start their family.  


However, not long after Lisa’s pregnancy, they found out that the baby was growing with a rare congenital disorder known as an esophageal atresia. Their baby boy Logan, was born at 30 weeks, which was more than two months early. The combination of the diagnosis and surgeries, along with several critical complications as a result of premature birth, kept Logan, Lisa, and Dave living in a neonatal intensive care unit at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for over a year and two months.

Upon their return home with their son, both Dave and Lisa’s careers had evaporated and even after rebuilding Dave’s practice, the new reality of medical bills and the lifestyle of caregiver parents motivated them to reinvent their careers, together. They now needed to create a stable and sustained income that would stand up to the kind of medically challenged lifestyle that they now lived. And so, with lots of hard work and the mentoring of Dave’s father, Dave Meredith Sr., a 40 year veteran in the insurance business, the  Meredith Family Agency was born.

While their adventure is far from over, Dave and Lisa feel fortunate that Logan has overcome many of the challenges he has faced up until now. They continue to work hard at creating a present and a future for him filled with Love and prosperity. Through their own experience, they realize how overwhelming a challenge this can be for caregiver families who need to rebuild their lives. They feel especially poised to help those who must jump over similar hurdles.

Thank you for reading Our Story. We look forward to helping you in the best way possible with any or all of your insurance needs and to building a relationship with you; ESPECIALLY so together we can “Bring Out The Good.

All the best from Dave, Lisa, and Logan Meredith